David Gardner

Past President

Professor David Gardner did his undergraduate and postgraduate training at the University of York in the UK in the laboratory of Professor Henry Leese. He then spent time as a Fellow at Harvard Medical School with professor John Biggers, before moving to Monash University in the late 1980’s to work with Alan Trounson. At Monash David worked on methods for the successful culture and diagnosis of human embryos. In 1997 he moved back to the USA where he became the Scientific Director of the Colorado Centre for Reproductive Medicine. In 2007 David returned to Australia to take up the position of Chair of Zoology at the University of Melbourne and in 2008 became Head of Department. His group continues to work on the development of embryo biomarkers and embryo culture conditions. David has published 200 scientific papers and chapters, and edited 12 books on embryology and Human IVF.





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